3 Facts About Nagging Men

There’s nothing as annoying as a nagging man; be it a colleague, a friend or a passersby. The feeling is often similar.
The worst part of it is when you live under the same roof with that
kind of man.

The Bible says it’s better to live on the roof top than with a nagging woman. However, it didn’t specify what to do when the man, the supposed head of the family turns out to be the ‘Nagger’. Continue reading “3 Facts About Nagging Men”

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I need You to Survive

A famous song from our university campus fellowship comes to mind as I write on this topic.

…I pray for you, you pray for my

I love you, I need you to survive…

It talks about the importance of being there for each other, for better or worse, giving a listening ear to someone that wants to share their thoughts, lending a helping hand and proffering constructive advice.

photo credit: "PictureYouth" via photopin cc
photo credit: “PictureYouth” via photopin cc

Human beings right from birth crave for a relationship with others. It begins with new a born getting attached to the mother, she often searches her mother’s eyes while feeding to see if she cares beyond being the source of livelihood. She searches for love and affection from the facial expression hence lactating mothers are encouraged to wear a smiling face often or at least when they breastfeed.

The quest of forming a relationship continues even as toddler as they seek for playmates who may eventually turn into a life-long relationship. Being in the midst of people who encourage and appreciate us are one of the best things that happen to an individual and it goes a long way in determining how successful one becomes in life.

Lovely and positive people have the habit of propelling us to the top while negative people tend to draw us back.


It therefore means that in as much as we need different kinds of relationships in life, we should be mindful of whom we associate with. No one is an island but you shouldn’t depend on people to define your life.

You may seek for advice from trusted friends but you mustn’t take all that come your way. Have an opinion of your own and don’t be tossed about by peoples’ view. This will make you unstable like the wind and will make decision-making harder.

photo credit: alexdecarvalho via photopin cc
photo credit: alexdecarvalho via photopin cc

Don’t allow anyone to impose himself on you in the name of friendship. There should be a boundary so that¬†people don’t over stay their welcome in your life. In this era of networking and the social media when people depend so much on the approval of others for self validation. For instance, you don’t need any ‘friend’ to ‘like’ your latest photos before you believe they are good enough.

You need to have a high self esteem that is independent of peoples’ opinion. We are unique beings created for different ¬†purposes on earth. You should love yourself because God loves you and that’s why He created you in His own image. Depending on peoples’ approval might make you under utilize your potentials. Don’t live life to always please others. You may not be able to please all your friends no matter how hard you try.


What relationships are dear to your heart?

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