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Three Most Important Qualities of Optimists.

A positive person is one who continues to live a worthwhile life in spite of the challenges of life. She faces challenges but doesn’t allow the challenges to stop her from enjoying life to the fullest. Continue reading “Three Most Important Qualities of Optimists.”

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I Know Who I Am

I know who I am!

I’m specially and fearfully made,  I’m not an accident.

I’m a wonderful creature beautifully crafted by the All-knowing Creator.

The situations around me don’t determine who I am.

My experiences don’t determine who I’ll be.  Continue reading “I Know Who I Am”

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Wow! It’s New Year!

We finally bade farewell to 2014 and ushered in yet another new year. The just ended year was different things to different people; some are glad to finally bid farewell to the not-so-good year while others have great memories. Continue reading “Wow! It’s New Year!”

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Without Words; Guest Post?

Just when I had hoped  the snow was come to brighten up the November darkness, the snow melted without prior notice.

We had slept with the snow flakes falling from the sky, and I crossed my heart that  by next morning Continue reading “Without Words; Guest Post?”

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No Condition is Permanent

The only constant thing in life is change! Continue reading “No Condition is Permanent”

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You Can Be Outstanding

I was recently on a bus in transit to another city and I couldn’t help but notice the changes that come with autumn.

Most trees had yellow and brown leafs and others were already leafless. However, as we drove further, I also noticed that some other trees retained the green colour. They neither shaded leafs nor did they change colour

It then occurred to me that you can actually live above board, irrespective of the situation or environment.

You can still have peace in a chaos world.
Happiness is possible even with all the sad news around.
You can be rich despite the prevailing poverty.

And your dream job is still possible not withstanding the increasing unemployment rate.

All you need do is to refuse to be a victim of your circumstances. Don’t let your present condition define your future.

You can maintain a positive attitude, hope for the best and dream again!

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One Surprising Way to Live in Peace With a Troublemaker

The world needs peace now more than ever . There’s a certain kind of war in virtually every country, be it war against terrorism, religious extremism or even war against famine. The best we can do in the current situation is to try as much as possible to live in peace with one another.

If everyone lived in peace with his or her neighbours, I guess there will be no war or aggression against the other. How can you live in peace with a trouble maker? Should it be an eye for an eye or would you rather be tolerant of some of his excesses and ignore him sometimes?photo credit: faith goble via photopin ccI had observed with rapt attention the manner with which my two daughters ‘fight’ against each other. Given that there’s only a slight age difference between them, they are growing together and learning together.

Continue reading “One Surprising Way to Live in Peace With a Troublemaker”