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To live is to dream and to dream is to live. 
No matter how far your dreams seem,  you’ll surely get close to it if you pursue it!

– Hope.

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To My Readers

I know I haven’t posted on this blog for ages, yet there are some of you who were not quick to hit ‘unsubscribe’. To such people, I say a big thank you for believing that I’ll eventually start writing again. It’s because of people like you that I’m encouraged to reclaim this blog and begin writing once again.

Also, seeing visitors’ interest from the stats boosted my morale. I haven’t written for close to a year yet a few visitors still find the older posts worthy of attention.

I’m back for good! Continue reading “To My Readers”

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When the Going Gets Tough


Life is not a bed of roses and sometimes no matter how had we try, we don’t always get it right.

There are obstacles which must be surmounted at some stage in life if success is to be achieved.

Perseverance and patience are key ingredients needed for a successful and fulfilled life.

 Quitters never win and winners never quit

Don’t give up on your dream.

Preserver and try again. That little push may be just what is needed for your breakthrough.

Have a positive attitude towards your life goals and motivate your self even if no one else does.

 Do not make excuses for your failure nor try to blame others. Take responsibility for your actions and inactions and be willing to learn from your past mistakes and move on.

No condition is permanent!

See challenges as stepping stones rather than setbacks.

Despair not but keep hope alive for once there is life there is hope.

Never say never and remember that all things are possible if you believe!