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Pizza on a Saturday

Some dishes are better prepared on weekends when the atmosphere is more relaxed and schedules are flexible.  Pizza is one of those foods to make on a relaxed day. pizza-2344399_1920

It’s might be time consuming but it’s worth it. I like home made pizzas more than those bought from pizzeria. Or worse still the pizzas sold at grocery stores.

Home made pizzas might not look as fanciful as those from a pizzeria but I like the taste of it. I like the fact that I can make it to my taste. As spicy as possible. You can choose the fillings as you wish and it’s possible to experiment with  with new flavors, vegetables as well as fruits.


But be careful not to eat too much pizza after preparation. Don’t be carried away by the the delicious meal. You can preserve your home made pizza in the refrigerator for a few days. And even in the freezer for a bit longer. Though I haven’t tried it yet. My pizzas usually finish within few days of preparation.

Do you have any special meal for weekends?

Please share it in the comments



23 thoughts on “Pizza on a Saturday”

  1. This pizza looks amazing. So different than the garbage we ordered last night! I think I may need to do home made.


  2. It is very hard to mess up a Pizza in my experience. But to actually have the perfect pizza, you will probably have to make it yourself! Like you say, you can add all the ingredients that you want on it!

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